Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Day on the Road: Monday

It has been an interesting weekend, actually an interesting week. I got back from Salt Lake over a week ago and then was dealing with illnesses from a cold to an allergic reaction. Since I wasn't driving much, and was sick, I didn't get much posted last week. BUT, this past weekend was very busy, and then today we left for another day of driving. I will try to go back and write about Saturday and the events, but for tonight, I will just say that I was in Klamath Falls, Oregon this morning and I visited the Harvest Ford Dealership. They kindly gave me a car wash and I wanted to thank them!! We drove on down into California and I stopped quickly and showed the Focus to some of the people at Corning Ford Dealership in Corning, CA. We stopped and got a picture of my 5th capitol building of this project...Capitol of California, in Sacramento. We continued on in our travels today to Fresno, where I am going to stay with one of my sisters for a couple days. As far as mileage goes, I am past 8300 now. After Saturday's events, we had $3640 raised and it is still the same as of tonight. Time is short now, with a little over a week until my goal date of April 13. Got to get some rest, but I'll try to catch up tomorrow.

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