Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saturday Event: Tri-Cities Washington

Last week, I did radio interviews and there were ads run on TV and radio about the upcoming event on Saturday, April 2. It was held at Legacy Ford from 10-3. Josh Dykes at Legacy arranged and paid for all the advertising to get the word out about this event. I took the Focus over to the dealership on Friday and left it there for detailing. (Yes that meant I had to drive the not-so-fun mini-van for a little while!)The next morning, I went over to the dealership and the car was sitting there outside the glass doors, shiny and ready to be driven in to the showroom floor. They moved it in. I set up some information about Love Without Boundaries that some of my kids had put together for me the night before and we were ready to go. We did get a few people during the day to show the Focus to and we raised $1240 in funds for LWB. $1000 is from Legacy Ford, so I really appreciated that. Josh did an amazing job of helping me by promoting this event and allowing me to do it in the first place. Thank you so much to him and all the others there that supported me in this. I really do hope it helps them also in the future when they get the 2012 Focuses in for sales.

After the event, I went home and we loaded up our bags and left just before 5 pm for our next trip. I took my 3 youngest girls and we drove to Klamath Falls, Oregon, arriving about 1 a.m. It was a long drive, but it got us around half way to our destination (Fresno). Above is a picture in Oregon at sunset and a picture in Oregon with windmills.

Fortunately, we had the day (Sunday) to rest before the next leg of the trip.

This photo was taken Monday with Mt. Shasta in California in the background. There was some beautiful country up there in Northern California.

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