Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fun in California

Since I last posted, we have been staying in Merced, California with a friend I knew in high school and college. We have had a great time! Thursday, we drove to Monterey Bay and saw the beautiful area there. I am posting a few pictures of our time by the water.

"Hey, honey, have you EVER seen such a nice car as this 2012 FORD FOCUS in Moneterey Bay??????"

Yesterday, we drove to San Francisco and I got to go over the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. We took the kids to Chinatown there and had fun shopping and walking around and eating Chinese food. We also walked along Fisherman's Wharf a little. I am to the point where I need about 1,000 miles, so I chose to leave the Focus and go in my friend's car for this part of the trip, so I don't have any Focus photos in San Francisco.

Today we will leave for home, stopping in Eugene, Oregon tonight and on to home tomorrow. I have received a few more donations and am up to $3912. Thanks to all those who have donated in the last few days! I have the Focus for 6 more days.

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